Into The Deep Stereo 018 – Dusty Fingers


If you ever went digging in flea markets in Paris and its suburbs, you probably bumped into Dusty Fingers, head down in the crates with a flair for obscure French productions from the 80’s, including synthpop, afro, zouk anything in between…
He is an established DJ in town who had the opportunity to travel far away from French boarders (incl. South Africa, Canada, Eastern Europe, USA and more) looking for news sounds and textures to feed his eclectic sets.

Label: Into The Deep Stereo Podcast
Release Date: August 27, 2020
Genres: African, Disco, Reggae, Synth-pop, World, Zouk
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Apparently we had reached a great height in the atmosphere, for the sky was a dead black, and the stars had ceased to twinkle.