Into The Deep Stereo 009 – Joren


Joren is a true definition of « the » underground soldier, humble records digger for almost two decades, mostly from Chicago House to Detroit Techno. As a Dj, he made himself a very solid reputation in the Parisian scene, banging most of the dancefloors the city has to offer. As a promoter, his friendly and libertarian party called Dada Club provides a sharp & festive old-school spirit with a staggering scenography. For this 9th stereo podcast, Joren changed his mind set due to the lockdown and delivered a slow ghetto house journey, waving between smooth and darker atmosphere.



Label: Into The Deep Stereo Podcast
Genres: Deep House, Downtempo, Ghetto
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Apparently we had reached a great height in the atmosphere, for the sky was a dead black, and the stars had ceased to twinkle.